About the Republic of Gutenburg

The Republic of Gutenburg is a nation located on the planet Cannabis, on the continent of Dysplasia. Gutenburg is the head of the West Dysplasian Coalition (WDC), which opposes the expansionist Dysplasian Imperial Alliance (DIA), led by the Republic of Kamow and the United Dysplasian States (UDS).

Gutenburg is a senior member of the Commune of Nations (CN), the United Nations of Cannabis.

Gutenburg is currently dealing with the separation of East Gutenburg (Also known as Falov.) Recently this new nation's government collapsed and was replaced by a Maoist People's Republic, and has strengthened its forces in the war against the Republic of Gutenburg.

Flag of the Republic of Falov (Predecessor to the People's Republic of Gutenburg)

Flag of the People's Republic of Gutenburg (East Gutenburg)